Providing high-quality programming to advance legal and professional services marketing.


Legal & Professional Services Council (formerly Legal PR Chicago) is known in the legal marketing community as the source for high-quality programming on best practices in business development, marketing and communications for law firms and other professional services firms.

Programs range from best practices in lateral integration, to how to build strong teams to hearing from the most influential editors and reporters who cover our firms.

Our 500 members meet once a month in Chicago to discuss the issues and trends facing their firms and their attorneys.

The majority of our members are in-house marketers. We welcome the vendors and consultants committed to advancing the industry, however those who come to sell their services are not invited back.

The organization does not charge annual dues. Instead we charge per-meeting fees and rely on our larger firm members to host an occasional lunch meeting.

Legal & Professional Services Council was founded in 2006 by Jocelyn Brumbaugh, who serves as its Executive Director. A Board of Directors develops the programming for which we are known. We are a 501c(6) nonprofit organization.

NextGen LPSC
LPSC also offers NextGen programs, which focus on the professional development, skills and marketing foundational elements needed to develop and advance a successful career in the field. Programming is practical with concrete takeaways on growing your career, gaining industry insights and expanding your professional network. Similar to LPSC, we will focus on in-house marketers to ensure excellent networking opportunities at each event.

NextGen programming is for:
    • Young(er) members of the LPSC community
    • Those early (10 years or less) in their in-house legal and professional services marketing career

If you manage a team, we encourage you to pass along details of NextGen programming to them.